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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Standard English

The standard variety of a language is used in newspapers and books etc and more significantly it is this variety which is taught to those who want to use it as a second/foreign language. Standard variety can be easily studied in the form of written language, including vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

Historically, the standard variety of English is based on the London dialect of English which developed after the Norman Conquest. The educated segment of the society preferred it in their formal communication. Apart from native speakers, the ones who speak it as their mother tongue, it was also promoted as a model for non-native speakers of English.

Today, the standard English ha been codified to such an extent that its basic grammar and vocabulary are much the same everywhere in the world. Though changes occur in the language when it is used by foreigners due to different cultural and social attitudes towards that language but still the standard language maintains its distinguished stature throughout the world.

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