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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Language and Skills

A language is a means of communication between two people and it can also take place at a lager and vast scale. In fact it is encoding and decoding of messages that takes place between them. For instance speaker A encodes a message which the speaker B decodes (translates) and deciphers the real message. In this way, we can say that there must be a certain mutual understanding between the two, otherwise it may take to "linguistic gap". The linguistic gap refers to a situation in which two people can't communicate because one is using such a language that the second person can't comprehend.

There are four language-skills that are generally taught to those persons who want to learn a second or foreign language. They include reading, writing, speaking and listening. Acquiring proficiency in all the four skills is not an easy task. It requires on the part of learner an acute effort and consistent struggle after which he or she becomes able to easily communicate in the second language. In next blogs, I will discuss how can a learner acquire these skills in a fairly creditable manner.

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